Hire Me ( My Portfolio)

Media platforms have never  been challenged by the need to create engaging content than today. As a Blockchain Analyst, I carter for a highly intelligent audience comprising of Venture Capitalists, high performance investors, crypto traders, crypto newbies and blockchain innovators.


Over the past years

I have built value and trust for some of the top leading blockchain publications – some with a readership of more than 300, 000 weekly viewers. This figure is growing rapidly given the daily popularity of crypto tokens, financial innovation and the need for banking solutions across millions of populations.

As a result, raising the challenge a bar high and dictating the kind of dedication analysts,  experts & researchers bring to the media.

My work ethics surround an ever dynamic population that is always diverse and seeking for newsworthy content. As such, I am committed to providing insightful, informative and highly actionable intelligence to readers.

I only work with brands that are looking for a unique perspective in their content strategy.  If one such strategy is not in place – We can work together to build an actionable content strategy that will not only bring value but also create trust among readers.

Are you Looking for a quality blockchain analyst, crypto news writer and SaaS copywriter?


For years I have also provided screen & theater  script coverage, script notes and script analysis of feature screenplays and TV pilot scripts for a large array of clients including Bundi Films, the Kenya  Schools and Colleges Drama Festivals Participants, Red Lemon Digital and a slue of other firms in the media Industry. 

Brands I have Worked With


Cryptoknowmics is an innovative and decentralized platform that serves almost every aspect of the crypto field. It aims to be the top destination and the largest media portal in the crypto space and the all-in-one solution for blockchain  information and services. You can check t  cryptoknowmic’s  whitepaper here :

Additionally, you could also also check out my projects with them and see what I’m capable of doing on my cryptoknowmics author page.

Red Lemon Digital


Red lemon has been breaking the stereotypes of digital marketing by planning, creating and executing creatively. The media company has never seized from overachieving and timely completion of our targets while consistently developing our skills from the past 7 years. The company  aims to maintain its forte in client satisfaction with over a hundred of running clients globally. It plans, the best set of media platforms to create a momentum for the brand in the market. In addition, it creates, breaks conventional standards in developing digital ads, graphics, websites and videos with innovative ideas.


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ZyCrypto Is A Fast-Growing Cryptocurrency News And Information Website, Focusing On Daily News, Expert Opinions, Analysis, Reviews, And So Much More.

Check my  Zycrypto author page at Richard M Adrian

Tesla Media Group 


While at Tesla Media Group , Most of the content mainly revolved around the legal, dental, medical industry and the topics covered a broad range from general crimes (eg. Sex Crimes, Drug Crimes, etc.), specific crimes such as Rape, Driving under the Influence and Dental Implants, etc. I was also assigned  topics in  other various fields such as Landscaping and home remodeling. 


An article I did for a Tesla Media Group Client: A real estate money lending firm in California’s Orange County.  (Money Lender Loans)

An article I did for a Tesla Media Group Client: A real estate money lending firm in California’s Orange County.

Well You Cant Hire Me  

If you can settle for mediocrity , we arent going to be good fit.

Sorry, I dont do cheap and average.

I create stunning and compelling content, effective sales copy and informative blog posts. I will take my time to understand your brand and take the time to tell its story in a sure conversion worth way.  I will not Just work with you –

I will fall in love with your brand and work alongside you.

Have you the courage to partner with a high profit copywriter ?

Pay me a call and see how we can change the world.



Whatsapp and Mobile: – +254743333252


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