About Kenyan Rhetoric



I never wanted to compel people with words; I only wanted them to witness.

Sit atop the fence so  they could run

In case my words bit them.

For a long time;

I have realized the powerful strength of words and how they can build.

I had them  whole of my life and during the moments I had wars to fight.

They made me conquer fields by speech; lyrics written out of the compelling magic to defeat; prose composed out of love and yet some brewed to cast out evil spirits from social misfits.

In the words of Hawk Nelson


They’ve lifted my heart

To places I’d never be

And they’ve dragged me down

Back to where I began

If you have felt the pain of being left out,

Sank within silhouettes of questions & doubts,

Felt the burning heat of the freezing cold.

Unless my words point back at you-

My dear.

But I’ll earnestly speak to you

In faith that my words will mend the broken pieces

And ignite embers of a flame that will never die.

My name is Richard M Adrian

I write to earn a living but most importantly is the therapeutic nature of writing; that dragged me into this humble life.

Sometimes I also describe myself as a copywriter when questioned about my career. (Copywriters are an adjunct part of marketing specialists – who always see readers as potential customers and will do anything possible to compel them to buy a product)


My specialization is Blockchain; I write about the crypto industry and trends in the Field of Financial technology. Simply, I am a financial analyst in the shimmering university of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, etc. I just can’t stop being fascinated about this distant galaxy that’s going to hit our planet with all the glee of economic sophistication; smart cities and simplistic payment ecosystems.

I write for various crypto media analysts , namely zycrypto, cryptoknowmics and a variety of other websites that adjust cash notes for people like us; Freelance writers( if that’s even a word to describe me as if I’m hired for free)😂

In this blog, I reflect a part of me that I haven’t quite much exploited. I BRING TO YOU SELF INDULGENT WRITING.

Pieces weaved from the melting liquors of my boredom, inspirational letters crafted from the comfort of my memories and the wild corners of my thoughts

Dear reader

Sit back and let my catharsis be your life.

Oops sorry!

My words rather.



6 thoughts on “About Kenyan Rhetoric

  1. I’m a little late to be saying this lol, but it’s nice to meet you Richard! Your writing is beautiful and so poetic! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can read more about the award on my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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