Blame my Art Monologues #1

Better Days are Yet to Come It’s a difficult time and I am not leaving my home. And when I leave to come and see you, I wear a mask. But are we really seeing each other with our smiles restlessly lying beneath a piece of cotton. It could be easier for all of you …

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Puff n Pass

"My high is not your high. Peer influence will kill our generation." All characters in my clique were creative,playful and seemingly normal. That was in my childhood days. 30 years now am alone, writing, acting and dying.  Memories with you are timeless and it's my hope you are doing just fine. Oh! Rest In peace …

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Featured I refuse to feel

I Refuse to Feel…

And yet there is life and love.   You have tasted both like pints of dew,  and you can't tell how they taste because its neither the gay of water,  or the sugar of cane. They are not even bitter. Your English teacher neither gave a name for what is not sour.   So you resort to …

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A Place of Broken Beauty [Part I]

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.       Confucius In that moment, he only saw his reflection shrink into nothingness. How at first everything seemed so small while she had been part of his life. Now the very tiniest part of his soul felt big. Big in a small way. Big but empty. He might …

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10 Effective Ways of Overcoming Guilt and How to Forgive Yourself

The tragedy of Macbeth tells the story of a Scottish General. Thane of Glamis. After a prophecy by three witches that he will one day be King. Thanes Kills the King and takes over to be  King of Scotland. Events that follow throughout the plot of Shakespeare’s masterpiece document the role of guilt in Thane’s subsequent actions. His murderous act haunts him throughout the play. The remorse, paranoia and regret of his blood stained hands stand in his way of enjoying his ill-fated kingship. 

Guilt is neither simple nor nice. In fact, there is no easy way to escape the haunting of guilt. But like so many other emotional responses, guilt also possess healthy psychological developments. However, the overarching finality when it comes to remorse; is to take action or suffer in silence.

The best action to take in such occasions is accept the transgression and seek forgiveness. Until then will you have the ability to cleanse your wrongdoing and forgive yourself. Perhaps in his portrayal of guilt in Macbeth, Shakespeare attempts to suggest that no matter how hard we try to hide the remorse of our wrongdoings - the effects are only ill-fated.

My Kenyan Obsessions

Matters of Contemporary Kenya

I try to envision a subject matter with which I think from my roots (My mother tongue) and outline it in English. Even as I have done this for years, I haven’t recognized the sensitivity of this lone activity, as it often undermines my Kenyan individuality.

Mending My Walls

Over the years, I have stretched some loosely hanging dimensions way too far and overwhelmed myself with a feeling of impossibility. A feeling that doesn't escape me for one second. Sometimes when I’m not busy I try to check on it.

The ego. The heart. The soul.

Whether it  hurts and for quite an iniquitous moment of time, I hold on to my heart and  feel it’s there. The pain hasn't gone away. It has eaten into the cribs of my emotions and dragged with it my hopes and possibilities. Pushed me into a corner.