A Stranger Down the Road

"You are not alone" - Michael Jackson Hello Stranger I feel sorry I didn’t write you this one yesterday. I know its you. I don't know you but you rush here daily whenever I post. It is not every time that my posts will relate. I know you have things you do, different from the …

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#Value: A Simple Guide to YouTube Subscribers

Creators upload thousands of videos daily on Youtube. This explains what kind of competition you are up against if you decide to become a Youtube creator. Hence many people count themselves out.  They accept the perspective;  That youtube is not only for the already influential but also for the very-most popular amongst us.  But do …

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Blame my Art Monologues #1

Better Days are Yet to Come It’s a difficult time and I am not leaving my home. And when I leave to come and see you, I wear a mask. But are we really seeing each other with our smiles restlessly lying beneath a piece of cotton. It could be easier for all of you …

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Puff n Pass

"My high is not your high. Peer influence will kill our generation." All characters in my clique were creative,playful and seemingly normal. That was in my childhood days. 30 years now am alone, writing, acting and dying.  Memories with you are timeless and it's my hope you are doing just fine. Oh! Rest In peace …

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Trust the Process

The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won't. It's whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere." -- Barack Obama I have the final say. The long term game is everything to me. As you say, I …

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Eyes of the Setting Sun

Pomp and glamour! Quickly drifts into desperation and gloom. Cancer is that you again? My heart races. Blood pumps in guzzles all the way from my toes.  I get a call. My mom is sick!Regardless maturity, I can't help but feel like it was yesterday.  'Martin are you there?' It was  visiting day! Thank God …

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The Hashtag that is “Me too”

You never felt that way.  Never. It had never occurred to  you, you could even feel that way.  No way.   And every time it confuses whether your strength lied in holding on,  Or in letting go.   Today is the anniversary  of everything. A day that marks the beginning of the end.  The day you gave …

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