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To you my Lovely Reader

I love you. 

On exactly a gray August afternoon.Three years ago. Bored out of my mind and with an indictment to share my deepest journals. I first documented my  three posts on this blog and named her Kenyanrhetoric. Timeless, overly oriented and passionate just like any other beginning writer, I swung my ink with enthusiasm.Desperately waiting for my first reader. I was in high school back then, a lover of words and one title tucked behind my name – Chief Playwright and Editor of the School  Drama Club.

Overnight, despite running away from my babe (this blog) for a year and more; while navigating through the humongous halls of academics at college; and the school of life. I have seen Kenyanrhetoric grow. Precisely, not that big I would say. To the best of my knowledge; at a pace that I would have only dreamed of. 

I am rather amused by what I would call a third birthday; because with it comes the pleasure of a nomination. A nomination to an award that celebrates unique content from unique bloggers. Don’t you find that amazing, if at all you have been on this journey with Kenyanrhetoric? 

Versatile Blogger Awards. 

Heartfelt thanks to the Charming Writer Charlie Dee. You can read any of her posts on There is a large community of bloggers around the world, yet you nicely picked up my chunks from the assortment of talent. I guess it’s giving me a kick out of the fact that it’s a gift to my three year blog; as well as a celebration of my reader’s effort to always show up , the moment I post a piece. 

When Charlie Writes, she is speaking to your soul. She Urges you that life is a valley yet manages to convince you it’s as smooth as the floor; and you are a pebble that has to survive. 

I am living every single word of her blog for so many times she’s encouraged me to live beyond the challenge. Her sentiments in this post, documenting the lives of people with disability -(Disability: Seeing the Unseen)- will persuade you one thing – that those limitations are not the limitations you think they are.

What is the Versatile Blogger Awards?

VBA (Or Versatile Blogger Awards celebrates brilliant bloggers with unique content, strong writing and appealing images. 



Once nominated for the awards, there are five courtesy rules to follow as a sign of accepting the nomination.


The Five Golden Rules for Versatile Blogger Awards Nominees


  • Share a post Thanking the person who nominated your blog
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Select and list 15 favorite bloggers that you would want to nominate for the award
  • Nominate those bloggers for the awards.
  • Finally list seven facts about yourself.



Seven Facts about Me


  •  I read J.K Rollins Harry Potter and Swore to myself (Since Eleven) I was gonna be a writer.
  • Water scares me. I DON’T SWIM.
  • I share a name with George R.R Martin. My favorite novelist- He’s among the Richards.
  • When sad I listen to music
  • I smile when idle. smilies-bank-sit-rest-160739
  • Who else gets uncomfortable around tall people – those extremely tall people who dialogue with you as if you were a kid.I also get weary with strangers.
  • If I  have a daughter, I’m gonna name her Charlotte.



And Finally our nomination goes to:

Kinasis Urban –  Kinasis


Imali Asena – Don’t Date a Writer

Zeinobia –  Egyptian Chronicles

Kent Wayne  – Dirty Science Fiction 

Rehema Zuberi – Resh Online Blog

Melena   – Melena’s Review

Nkunda  – Cry For Freedom in Rwanda

Jo Caddy  – mum life stories

Art of Blogging  – The art of blogging

Lilian  – Poems By Lilie

Kathryn Rossiter – Becoming You

Muriuki Kagiri  – The Dapper Brother

Mahmoud Salem – Sad Monkey

Soraya Moref – Suzie in the City

Devesh Sharma –

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