A Stranger Down the Road

"You are not alone" - Michael Jackson Hello Stranger I feel sorry I didn’t write you this one yesterday. I know its you. I don't know you but you rush here daily whenever I post. It is not every time that my posts will relate. I know you have things you do, different from the …

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Blame my Art Monologues #1

Better Days are Yet to Come It’s a difficult time and I am not leaving my home. And when I leave to come and see you, I wear a mask. But are we really seeing each other with our smiles restlessly lying beneath a piece of cotton. It could be easier for all of you …

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A wandering Star Moving On

The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” ― Marcus Aurelius The question, at least for this one moment, feels like a stack of weight heavily lifted above my soul. But somewhere in the middle of my insecurities, I still can feel  the weight of everything hanging loosely above me.  And this weight …

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My Kenyan Obsessions

Matters of Contemporary Kenya I try to envision a subject matter with which I think from my roots (My mother tongue) and outline it in English. Even as I have done this for years, I haven’t recognized the sensitivity of this lone activity, as it often undermines my Kenyan individuality.

Mending My Walls

Over the years, I have stretched some loosely hanging dimensions way too far and overwhelmed myself with a feeling of impossibility. A feeling that doesn't escape me for one second. Sometimes when I’m not busy I try to check on it. The ego. The heart. The soul. Whether it  hurts and for quite an iniquitous moment of time, I hold on to my heart and  feel it’s there. The pain hasn't gone away. It has eaten into the cribs of my emotions and dragged with it my hopes and possibilities. Pushed me into a corner.

Finding my Heartbeat

Before everything happened.  We used to talk and people would listen. Am not talking about any people. The top cream. The  top one percent ruling caste. They are lost in disillusion. Colonialist fantasies that woefully make them appear as ghosts.  The last time I saw blood on my pavement was 11 years ago. The lingering …

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