A Letter Before Sunrise

After my extermination.  This afternoon I heard you again ma! While you screamed your lungs out. I heard you guzzle the woman in you, denouncing every inch of your strong lungs ma!. Quit that dhako. Quit jeering and the songs ma! They will do me no justice , for justice is much a word as …

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End of a Decade : Timeless Jazz in Cheap Sauce

The face of an ending year is a horrible soul tape with spritzes of happiness.  As this year comes to an end I am forced to grapple with two questions.  Is it just the beginning of a new ?  Or the closing of a hued decade.  I feel like a new decade should slide in …

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Finding my Heartbeat

Before everything happened.  We used to talk and people would listen. Am not talking about any people. The top cream. The  top one percent ruling caste. They are lost in disillusion. Colonialist fantasies that woefully make them appear as ghosts.  The last time I saw blood on my pavement was 11 years ago. The lingering …

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