A wandering Star Moving On

The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” ― Marcus Aurelius The question, at least for this one moment, feels like a stack of weight heavily lifted above my soul. But somewhere in the middle of my insecurities, I still can feel  the weight of everything hanging loosely above me.  And this weight …

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My Friend the President

I didn't know the president, he was elected for his final term the year I was born. By the time he’d completed his last five years, I was already five learning to fight fat bullies at my school. I didn't drink Nyayo milk. So if he indeed loved children, Richard here wasn't a recipient of …

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End of a Decade : Timeless Jazz in Cheap Sauce

The face of an ending year is a horrible soul tape with spritzes of happiness.  As this year comes to an end I am forced to grapple with two questions.  Is it just the beginning of a new ?  Or the closing of a hued decade.  I feel like a new decade should slide in …

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