Beauty in a Place of Darkness

In her eyes, I observed every child’s undying wish. The heart-wrenching need to not only be seen but to be heard. One of the shy little boys in the group handed me a drawing. It was a beautiful painting reflecting a woman drawing water from a well. Pulling him closer to hug him thanks, he whispered close to my ears: ‘I hope it makes sense to you.’ In the heart of Ifo Refugee Camp; are millions of families united by the common spirit to one day mend  their shattered lives; thousands of them are striving to rise above the fray of physical abuse, psychological torture, drug addiction, poverty, child apprehension and life’s uncertainties. My wish is they find meaningful lives. 

Kid no More

If I ever had a prayer of making any good out of myself, I would beg God to make me better every single day. I don’t remember asking for ABS, sought of what males of my age kept pushing for to make us jealous. Every prayer lied on my talents and my abilities; Strength of …

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